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Chakaia Booker's Outdoor Sculpture 'Shaved Portions' Opening Event

The GDA Art On The Plazas is thrilled to have Chakaia Booker return for an exhibition of her incredible work. 

Please join us, or just walk by and wave, as we figuratively cut the ribbon on this incredible installation. Light refreshments will be provided. 

Chakaia Booker is renowned for her artistic practice that pushes the limits of abstraction through the use of her signature material—discarded rubber tires salvaged from city streets, auto-repair shops, and dumps—and its relation to ecological concerns. Shaved Portions epitomizes Booker’s ability to radically transform this industrial material into an incredible array of biomorphic forms. Repurposed from scraps that would have otherwise remained symbols of urban blight or measures of wanton waste, Shaved Portions is a monumental work that, as the artist describes it, is “about beauty, rhythm, and a common humanity. It is about how we create to connect to one another.” Booker explores the complex relationship between environmental issues, racial and economic difference, and gender through her assemblages. For the artist the multiple color tones of the rubber parallel human diversity, while the tire treads suggest images a s varied as African scarification and textile designs.

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